Flaming Baby Carrier

Suggested retail price 180.00 

Flaming baby carrier is a perfect choice for parents who love daily walks in the city. Its advantages include 9 carrying positions, high-quality safety buckle and double reinforcement with non-slip zipper. Its design ensures comfort when walking across the city in any conditions.

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Flaming baby carrier makes every walk a memorable experience! A large storage pocket allows you to store all the things you need like your phone, keys and a baby bottle so they are always within easy reach. Additionally, the integrated foldable structure provides breathable head protection, ensuring your baby’s safety and comfort.

In the Flaming carrier, your child will stay dry and comfortable thanks to the breathable 3D AIR MESH window. The breathable 3D mesh knitting pattern allows air circulation, and a wide padded lap belt guarantees comfort during long walks.

Flaming baby carrier has many other practical features, e.g. a side Warm-Box heater that keeps milk warm for a long time. Be ready for unforgettable walks!

Product features

  1. LARGE STORAGE POCKET – a side pocket for your everyday items like your phone, keys and baby bottle
  2. BREATHABLE HEAD PROTECTION – an integrated folded structure, ensuring versatile comfort while protecting your child’s head and neck.
  3. BREATHABLE 3D AIR MESH WINDOW – breathable 3D mesh knitting pattern keeps your child dry and cosy.
  4. ERGONOMIC HIP SEAT – because your child feels safer in a parent’s arms
  5. Wide padded belt – the wider lap belt used in this model makes it easier to walk with your child throughout a long day.
  6. SENSIBLE WARM-BOX – a side heater keeps milk warm for a long time. The warm box is made of aluminium film, providing thermal insulation.
  7. HIGH-QUALITY SAFETY BUCKLE – professional buckles make you feel more at ease.
  8. DOUBLE REINFORCEMENT – a non-slip zipper and reinforced fastener
  9. HIGH-QUALITY HOOK-AND-LOOP FASTENER – easy adjustment and minimum required pressure.
  10. SOFT SHOULDER STRAPS – relieve excess pressure on the shoulders
  11. PADDED HIP SEAT – non-slip and padded seat ensures stability and safety for your child
  12. THICK LINER IN THE LAP BELT – the soft layer reduces pressure on the user’s abdomen.

Three ways of assembly – nine carrying positions

  1. Single hip seat
    • Hugging position
    • Kangaroo position
    • Cross holding
  2. Single carrier
    • Hugging position
    • Kangaroo position
    • Back carrier
  3. Single carrier
    • Hugging position
    • Kangaroo position
    • Back carrier