Panda Baby Carrier

Suggested retail price 199.00 

Panda baby carrier is perfect for parents who like daily walks in the city. Its main advantage is the seat ergonomics. The child adopts a natural “frog” position with hips wide open, which facilitates correct development.

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Product description

Panda baby carrier ensures maximum comfort for the baby and parent. Its soft structure perfectly adapts to the baby’s body without straining the child’s spine. Handmade of breathable cotton, our carrier ensures high comfort and hygiene – it is machine washable.

The Panda is also safe for the parent. It is designed to effectively reduce the load on your back and shoulders, transferring the weight to your hips. This soft carrier lets you carry the child on your back and on your chest.

The Panda baby carrier also features a discrete pocket in the lap belt and a hood, protecting the baby from the sun and the rain. It is time to explore the world natural-ly!

What is included in the package

  • soft cotton urban carrier 
  • detachable and adjustable hood 
  • user manual 

Technical specification of the Panda

  • panel height: 39 cm (34 cm wide in the lower part) 
  • lap belt height: 13 cm, width 69 cm (the lap belt can be extended to 145 cm) 
  • weight: 0.9 kg 
  • waga dziecka: 7-15 kg 
  • dual strap adjustability 
  • lap belt pocket 
  • 100% cotton handmade carrier 
  • machine washable (30°C, low spin speed)